Sea Wall at ABYC
The Completion of New Sea Wall at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club  
PROF&E Consulting Engineers has been hired by ABYC to obtain all necessary permits and design rehabilitation of almost 200m of the existing sea wall both in ABYC Harbour and Coatsworth Cut. Because time frame for construction was limited to 2 months per year, it was decided to divide construction into two seasons. In 2016, first 100m of seawall in ABYC Harbour was constructed using cantilever sheet pile wall in front of existing corroded sheeting with tie-backs. When sheeting encountered boulders, the construction was abandoned. In 2017 the design was modified to include soldier piles and sheeting driven to much shallower depth. This technique proved to be successful for the remaining 40m at the Harbour. The Coatsworth Cut was 41m long seawall designed and constructed as cantilever. The construction was completed a week ahead of schedule and the club was ready to be open in April 2017.
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Our Projects Currently in Progress
On both of these projects, our role included coordination between multiple consultants and contractors. We'll help you turn your project into success no matter how complicated it is.
3D Roof Image
Alloa PS and Reservoir
During construction of the new pumping station and reservoir for the Region of Peel, PROF&E was hired by Romag Contracting to design a steel roof for the pumping station as an alternative to the precast concrete roof, because the precast option could not be procured in Canada. Our project team worked with the contractor, the owner, prime consultant and steel fabricator to obtain all necessary permits and approvals prior to fabrication of steel. Some structural steel components have been delivered to site, some are being fabricated and some are out for galvanizing.
Residential Development in Belleville
East Marina Development
After acquisition of the property and completion of the planning stage, PROF&E was hired by the developer to review existing sewer collection system and design a new system that is supposed to accommodate significantly larger flows from the proposed 3 multi-story residential buildings. The proposed systems consisted on new gravity sewer, new sewage pumping station (with standby power facility) and a new force main. In order to coordinate sewage system with the rest of new development, our work was divided in two stages: predesign and final design. 
Technologies Successfully Implemented
Duct pentration through OWSJ
June 2016
Duct Penetration through Open Web Steel Joists
PROF&E was contacted by the contactor that was supposed to install new HVAC unit on top of existing roof at the Weston Chapel and had to run new ductwork within the existing ceiling height of the roof. Upon field examination, we designed new supports for the roof top unit using existing open web steel joists and determined that new ductwork would not fit between bar webs of the existing roof joists. For this purpose, we have developed a unique detail that completely eliminated bottom chord of the existing open web steel joists and allowed contractor to run new ductwork with no bulkhead in the ceiling of the Visitation Room.
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Gen set exhaust pipe and silencer supports
March 2017
Silencer and Exhaust Pipe Supports
At Leslie SPS, mechanical subcontractor engaged PROF&E to design supports for 3 generator set silencers and exhaust pipe supports. In the design the existing precast concrete exhaust stack was utilized. New pipe supports were designed in stainless steel, using open box concept for easy installation. The floor-standing silencer support framing was designed using epoxy painted steel.
Our Projects
Digester inspection
March 2017
Floating Digester Roof Inspection
After failure of the floating roof in Orangeville WWTP, PROF&E was engaged by the insurance company to inspect condition of the existing steel roof and existing digester and prepare condition assessment report with recommendations for remedial work. It was determined that the failure was caused by conversion of the original floating roof to fixed roof and by allowing pressure of the digested gas to exceed design limits. Our report provided detailed analysis of the cause of failure and provided means and methods to re-establish safe operation of the digester by re-using existing floating roof.
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