Contract Administration and Site Inspection

PROF&E is one of the few companies in Ontario with the staff that actively managed design and construction companies. Our construction experience makes us unique in the market. Our practical approach is highly appreciated by the contractors and the owners in the industry. With our experience in engineering, we provide an excellent synergy between owners, engineering team and the contractors.

Our professionals have successfully completed number of large construction projects both in Canada and overseas. We take construction to the next level. Our strength is in meeting timelines, financial and operational constraints while avoiding legal disputes.

Contract Administrator

Various roles related to the construction that we typically get involved with are not limited to the following:

  • pre-qualification of contractors,
  • pre-selection and pre-purchasing of key project components,
  • construction management,
  • contract administration,
  • shop drawing review,
  • document management and communication between various parties involved in construction,
  • site inspection,
  • communication with stakeholders, including agencies, building department, public, operators, etc.
  • scheduling,
  • startup and testing of equipment,
  • commissioning,
  • services during warranty period,
  • purchasing of services and materials.