Various building designs

After more than 20 years of operation in planning, design and construction we have developed one of the most comprehensive sets of technical standards and design tools in the industry. With the top quality of our internal standards, we can provide our clients with leading edge technical solutions in the market segments we specialize in.

Our project teams have proven history of success on the most challenging projects. We take pride in the work we do and we take lessons learnt from every project. All our designs have sustainable approach implemented to various extents; we pay attention to constructability, price and quality.

By utilizing modern design tools and techniques, PROF&E’s engineers size building components and equipment up to their limits. We are masters of design codes and technology as such we can point our clients in a right direction.

Although we do a lot of new building design, our building rehabilitation design group is perhaps as strong. Most of our clients that engage us for the Condition Assessment and Asset Management component od work extend our service to the rehabilitation design component as well. As a result, our project portfolio in rehabilitation design has many projects from small floor rehabilitation to the rehabilitation of a plant severely damaged in explosion.

Our portfolio includes the following types of facilities:

  • commercial buildings, administration buildings, etc.
  • pumping stations
  • reservoirs and elevated towers
  • wastewater storage
  • industrial plants
  • sport facilities such as indoor and outdoor tennis clubs, etc.
  • pre-engineered buildings for storage, sport facilities, etc.
  • recreational facilities, town halls, schools, etc.
  • high-rise residential and town houses,
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • water treatment plants
  • utility facilities
  • military facilities
  • design utilizing special construction techniques such as top-down construction, underpinning, etc.
  • civil design around buildings, including yard piping, stormwater management and site drainage
Townhouses at sea Wastewater Screens in Headworks Building High-rise building

Structural Design

In PROF&E we use finite element modeling and other state-of-the-art techniques to maximize potential of limit states design. In addition, we utilize structural capacity of all building materials to develop the most economical design. For instance, we design concrete block walls as load-bearing elements that eliminates need for structural steel columns and bracing.

We also specialize in design of concrete (including water-retaining structural concrete), wood, steel, even soil structures. For special applications we take advantage of FRP, aluminum and stainless steel. We are one of the few companies that have expertise in post-tensioned concrete design.

Civil Design

We specialize in small and large diameter piping design, site grading, site drainage, and various earth retaining structures.

Process/Mechanical Design

We consider headworks buildings, pumping stations, pre-packaged treatment systems and various water, chemical and sludge holding tanks as our niche market. Our process and mechanical engineers play critical role in equipment selection, sizing and implementation of the project.

Architectural Design

Our team of architects is distinguished with their European style of architecture. They collaborate with all other groups in developing concepts in accordance with building codes and requirements for green certifications.

SCADA Programming and Electrical Design

Automation and electrical design are integral part of all our projects. We ensure our products are fully operational during commissioning and start-up stages.