Hanlan West Site Preparation

PROF&E was engaged by the Region of Peel to prepare conceptual layouts for new storage facility, apply for a minor variance and prepare construction documents for the drainage modifications at Hanlan West site in Mississauga, Ont.



The layout of existing drainage features on Hanlan West site divided the site into two parts with limited access to the back of the property. With the current layout of the drainage channel, the potential for future development on site was extremely limited. The Region was looking to use this site for construction of new storage facility and for the future construction of new pumping station and reservoir.



In order to accommodate future development on site and short-term temporary storage of excavated materials on site, the modification of the existing drainage features was required.



Obtain approval from the City of Mississauga for a minor variance and approval from TRCA for the modifications of existing drainage features. As part of application process carry out ecological assessment of the pond on site and carry out stormwater analysis of the tributary that included Little Etobicoke Creek.



The project team developed solutions that will accommodate not only short-term needs of the Region, but also accommodate their plans for future development on site. After implementation of proposed modifications, the site will be ready easily accessible for future construction.

Inlet at Hanlan West

Project Facts

Name of the Project:

Hanlan West Storage Facility and Site Preparation


Region of Peel


Mississauga, Ont.

Construction Cost Estimate:


Project Duration:

2 years