Oro-Medonte Biosolids Storage Facility

Our expertise in design of water reservoirs was utilized in investigation of Oro-Medonte biosolids reservoir that experienced severe cracking right after construction. Our senior staff investigated conditions and prepared investigation report where the results of assessment and recommended repairs were summarized.



During construction of the facility, significant structural defects were observed. The conflict of opinions between original design engineer and the contractor halted the completion of the project.



The extent of structural deficiencies was significant causing major delay in commissioning and startup of the facility. Our team had to investigate, analyze and develop repair concepts within a short period of time.



Instead of repairing individual cracks, use an exterior membrane waterproofing system to prevent water infiltration into the tanks and dry areas.



A uniform repair method that was selected for both for dry and wet areas performed well, offered a significant cost benefit to the Owner and minimized startup delays. On addition to the technical solutions, our team also assisted in conflict resultion process that expedited completion of the project.

Biosolids Storage Reservoir

Project Facts

Name of the Project:

Structural Investigation and Rehabilitation Analysis of the Facility


ASCO Construction Inc.


Oro-Medonte, Ont.

Engineering Budget:


Project Duration:

1 month