Expert Services

After more than 20 years in the industry, our senior staff have been recognized for their long-term achievements by their pier consultants, clients and contractors.

As experts in the industry in the field of construction and municipal design, our clients refer to us when it comes to complicated construction related issues and disputes. Some of the services related to prevention and dealing with construction disputes we typically offer are the following:

  • Expert witness services,
  • Forensic engineering,
  • Value engineering,
  • Litigation prevention,
  • Litigation support,
  • Dispute resolution and expert advise during settlement process,
  • Expert engineering support during various stages of design and construction for special projects.

Value Engineering

Our Value Engineering approach is based on rational logic and the analysis of function to identify relationships that increase value. We use quantitative method similar to the scientific method that focuses on hypothesis-conclusion approaches to test relationships and operations research, which uses model building to identify predictive relationships.

Sludge storage facilities