Sustainable 'Green' Design

Energy is among the number one topics that we hear about pertaining to major global concerns. Whether it is energy extrapolation, energy refining, efficiency, or use, it is the role of our conscientious society to deliver their due diligence in quality energy consumption. This web of energy generation, transformation, transferring, and use involves teams of technical experts determined to optimize our energy infrastructure. PROF&E falls into energy use, offering consulting expertise on efficient building design and alternative for onsite energy generation such as roof mounted solar panels and geothermal energy. Our extensive knowledge and experience make us well suited for alternative design development and decision making for a case by case base, delivering efficient and cost effective designs.

Environmentally Friendly Design for Sustainable Future

  • Building layout following principles of sustainable design
  • SCADA based energy saving HVAC home systems
  • 'Green’ water treatment and water heating systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Hydro generation systems (geothermal, solar, wind, water)
  • Energy preservation by reduction of heat losses
  • Environmentally friendly construction materials
  • ‘Green’ construction techniques
  • ‘Green’ community design
  • LEED Certification
Green Design