Linear Infrastructure Design

A major component of our business is design of the linear infrastructure. The work related to major forcemains and collectors is typically carried out by the municipal water distribution, wastewater collection departments. For our experience is stormwater design and drainage piping, please refer to the Stormwater Management and Site Drainage page.

Major Twin Forcemains in Peel

New Pipe Design

However, we designed a lot of smaller pipes for developers for various subdivision and various pipelines for industrial clients carrying water, sewage and chemicals.

Our staff was involved in design of small and large diameter pipelines in ground and above ground. The pipelines were both gravity flow and pressure mains. We have also successfully completed several projects pertaining to concrete (gravity) aqueducts.

Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation

Our concrete rehabilitation group is one of the strongest in the local market. We were involved in Condition Assessment and rehabilitation of some large diameter in-ground collector sewers that required live man-entry assessment. The assessment was carried out by our team at night when flows in the system were low and when the street traffic was relatively easy to manage.

In addition to early planning, our professionals work with our clients in developing alternative solutions and conceptual design for a preferred solution that lead into final design stage.

Trenchless Technology

We are continuously in touch with the state-of-the-art in trenchless technology both in design of new and rehabilitation of existing piping.