PROF&E for Municipal and Federal Government

Our municipal division has more than 20 years of experience in design of pumping stations, reservoirs, storage, office, and headworks buildings, linear infrastructure, and more.

PROF&E for General Contractors and Suppliers

Our construction department is known for 24/7 engineering support. We design and inspect equipment platforms, pipe supports, temporary structures, etc. in all building materials.

PROF&E for Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

With our business agility and experience in building, civil and process design, PROF&E has been recognized as a go-to company for various needs at manufacturing plants.

PROF&E for Property Managers and Private Owners

Since 1991, all across GTA we offered a unique house and multi-story building planning and design, lot grading, drainage engineering, design for renovations, additions, etc.

Who We Are

Project Managers, Architects and Consulting Engineers

We are proud to have claimed more than 20 years in business. Our passion to apply modern technology in solving the most complicated problems in construction industry earned us numerous industry awards. Over the years we have served customers in four major marker sectors. To learn more what we specifically do in your industry, please click on a picture above that represents your industry...

What We Do

Top quality consulting engineering services including:

  • Condition assessment
  • Variances, Building Permits
  • Civil design
  • Structural design
  • Architectural design
  • Construction supervision and support

What our Clients Are Saying

Our clients mean to us more than just a business.

  • "Extraordinary response time"

    Ty Jardine, PM, The Region of Peel
  • "Top quality deliverables"

    Gus Morhart, President, Laird Developments
  • "Open communication"

    Pat Truyens, VP, Auburn Group